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Teachers will see a significant increase in students coming prepared for class.  The amount of time spent they spend having to contact parents regularly about upcoming assignments, tests, and projects will be cut to near zero.  Instead that time can be spent taking care of the many other responsibilities teachers must deal with on a daily basis. 

What once seemed like an arduous task of getting parents involved in their child’s education will become a source of positive pride for teachers in the school.  In some instances the entire culture of the classroom and school will change.  More and more students will begin taking their work seriously as parents become more involved in their education. Student’s grades will increase, their behavior will improve, and their absences will decrease.  In short, this service can help teachers create a better learning environment for all students.  Just as importantly, this service can help create a less stressful work environment for teachers where they deal less with angry parents and more with happy students and well informed, happy parents.

The service itself was designed by teachers for teachers so the actual use and function of it is incredibly streamlined.  The whole point is that it saves all teachers time on many levels of communication, classroom procedures, and classroom management.  The service is designed to be successful in school. It was created from the ground up to specifically address the needs of schools by educators for educators.

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