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About SchoolEdge Mobile

Company Information

Location: 22646 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48124
Primary Email Contact: info@schooledgemobile.com
Phone: 313-743-4910
Support Email: support@schooledgemobile.com

What do we do?
The conversation that parents have with their kids each night about homework and school is broken. In that conversation, the student holds the power because they have the information. To this point there has never been an effective and realistic way to communicate to parents what a student's homework is every day. Parents simply don't know. ParentEdge® fixes that. Every night at a specific time it sends a text message and an email directly to parents telling them what their child's homework is for the night. Instead of relying on the child to provide them with the information we make sure the parent has received a communication directly from their child's teacher(s) with the info. Parents don't have to log into a website, they don't have to check a blog, or even check their email if they want. All they have to do is check their cell phone when they get a text.

Why do we do it?
SchoolEdge Mobile embraces the idea that mobile technology has begun to replace the constraints of traditional computing and communication in our everyday lives.  With the advent and incredible popularity of smart-phones and tablets in our world, it is our view that schools must accept these new technologies as essential tools to help student learning.  Our goal is to help schools embrace this new technology and have a smooth transition as they begin using it.  Mobile technology in education can play a significant role in improving communication with parents, students and the community.  It also will begin taking center stage to increase student engagement in the classroom and improve academic achievement across all student demographics.

    22646 Michigan Ave. Dearborn, MI 48124
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