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Secondary Example:

An example of the text message ParentEdge sends out automatically for secondary schools (Middle, Jr. High, and High) at a set time every day/night. The information contained is customized specifically to the student/parent receiving it. Everything is automated. All teachers have to do is literally take about 30 seconds a day (or less in most cases) and put in the students homework or responsibilities for class the following day. ParentEdge does the rest automatically.

Elementary Example

Here you can see an example of the text message ParentEdge sends out to the Parents of elementary school students. This message goes out automatically at a time decided by the school every day. Teachers simply take about 30 seconds and enter whatever they want into the short message. ParentEdge does the rest automatically.

Description of ParentEdge

Once a day in the early evening parents receive a personalized message by cellular SMS text message and email telling them what their child needs to do for school the next day. It informs parents if there is any homework to be done that night, if there are tests or quizzes coming up, and anything else the teacher feels like including. The key to this system is that every day, automatically, without fail a text message is sent directly to parents’ phones along with an email sent to phones and computers.

The service works because it requires almost zero effort from all stakeholders. We handle all the management and troubleshooting. Schools provide us with student and teacher data that we import into our system. Teachers input their weekly or daily schedules into our copyrighted and foolproof template designed to take less than 5 minutes a week for any teacher. Those 5 minutes will save teachers hours in routine communication with parents regarding assignment updates and assessment reminders. They hit submit and that is it. No one else in the school has to do anything except enjoy the benefits of parents getting the messages and getting more involved in their children’s academic lives.

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