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Our Mission and Vision

The mission statement of SchoolEdge Mobile and our vision of what ParentEdge can do to help students and parents:

From: Chris Hren, Founder of SchoolEdge Mobile

I designed this system because I saw a need for schools to communicate on a more personal level with parents. From my perspective as a teacher I had heard too many times from parents that they wanted to be involved in their child’s education but didn’t know how to get started talking with their kids about school.  I realized in thinking about this that in the dynamic parent-child school relationship whenever a proactive conversation takes place about school responsibilities, assignments, daily studying etc. the child has all the power as they hold all the information.  They know what they have to do in school the next day, they know if they have a test, they know what is expected of them in class and quite simply, the parent doesn’t know unless the child tells them.  This makes it difficult for parents to talk with their kids.  The only times parents have the informational edge is retroactively in talking about missed assignments and failed exams when the academic damage has already been done.  

My goal for this service is to completely change that dynamic and allow parents to be proactive in talking with their kids about school, what their responsibilities are, what is expected of them on a daily basis, whether they have studied for their test the next day, and beyond.  This service is designed to make it easy for parents to reach out to their children on a daily basis and have a conversation about school.  

The service is designed to provide this information to parents using what has become the standard for communication in many of our lives, the cell phone.  Over the past decade we have seen a slow but constant transformation of our technological lives away from the tethered down computer to freedom that mobile technology presents.  People’s lives have become more hectic and spread out as they slowly cut the tether of the computer and embrace the idea that information can be accessed anywhere at any time on their mobile device.  Our Parent Edge service acknowledges that concept and embraces it.  That is why I designed the system to send out information through email and specifically text messaging.  In many people’s lives, mine included, text messaging has become the standard tool for most daily communication.  It is convenient, quick, and easy.  It lacks the time and focus required of a voice call and doesn’t require the length or formality of an email.  It is perfect for this service and that is why we have embraced the text message at School Edge Mobile.  It provides us with a quick, efficient, and easy way to notify parents about what is happening in their child’s class or classes.

It is my hope that as this service becomes the standard for daily parent communication throughout our country’s educational system we will begin to see a significant increase in students being successful.  I know as a student, parent, and teacher that the number one reasons kids do well in school is because their parents are involved in their lives.  In creating this service, I hope we provide the tools necessary for parents in today’s modern age to begin and continue being involved from an early age all the way through graduation.  A graduation more students will experience because of this service.  

If you have benefited from this service or would like to learn more about it, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.  

Chris Hren

Chemistry Teacher
Founder, School Edge Mobile
Creator, Parent Edge Messaging Service


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