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What is the role of the principal/administrator in using ParentEdge?

After providing SchoolEdge Mobile with the correct schedule information for parents and teachers there is nothing more that administrators need to do directly.  The key role of the administrator in bringing ParentEdge to their building is supporting and encouraging teachers in their regular use of ParentEdge. 

What time do the messages get sent out each day?

The messages (email and text message) will be sent out at the time chosen by you, the building administrator. 

How do I provide my staff with their login information for ParentEdge?

An email will be automatically sent to all staff members containing their login information for ParentEdge.  In addition, we will provide you with a hardcopy of all staff usernames and passwords.

How do I notify parents about ParentEdge?

Parents will receive an automatic email containing their login information and their usernames and passwords.  The email also explains ParentEdge to them and how they can best utilize it.  In addition, parents will also receive a short text message indicating they have been signed up for ParentEdge.  Finally, we suggest a notification of some kind from the school, sent home to parents, explaining what ParentEdge is and how it will benefit both parents and students.  An automated phone call home could also help explain the concept to parents. 

Here are some helpful documents to share with your staff:

Elementary Quick Start Guide
Middle/High School (Secondary) Quick Start Guide

Elementary How to Use ParentEdge Guide PDF Link
Secondary How to Use ParentEdge Guide PDF Link

Elementary Teacher FAQ PDF Link
Secondary Teacher FAQ PDF Link

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