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To determine if ParentEdge will be beneficial to your students you need to first internally answer several important questions:

  1. Would you like to see more parental involvement across all age levels and demographics on a daily basis in your students’ academic lives?

  2. Do you think that increasing parental involvement will lead to higher student academic achievement in class and on standardized tests?

  3. Would you like your students to succeed at a higher academic level then they currently are by reducing failure rate, increasing test scores, and increasing overall student academic performance?

In addition to the above questions that ParentEdge can provide the answer to; you need to ask yourself where your school currently stands technologically:

  1. Do you believe that mobile communications, like texting and email through phones, is a powerful and transformative tool that can have a great impact if used effectively?

  2. Would you like to see your school become a leader in mobile/cellular communication with parents and students?

  3. Do believe that staying up to date with the most advanced educational technology available can lead to a better overall academic environment?


To: Educators Everywhere

From: Chris Hren, Creator of ParentEdge, Chemistry Teacher

As a teacher I know that the vast majority of educators reading this will probably answer yes to most if not all of the questions above.  I can safely tell you that ParentEdge is currently the best answer to addressing every issue and question posed above.  It is a unique solution, one that can’t be found anywhere else.  Though other companies will claim they provide the same service, they don’t and they can’t.  ParentEdge is one of a kind in its approach, abilities, and functionality.  In addition, I can assure you that ParentEdge is, without a doubt, the most cost effective means of addressing the issues above.  It will increase parental involvement, it will result in students succeeding academically, and it will create a better overall academic environment where students take more responsibility for themselves.

ParentEdge will provide these benefits at all levels of elementary, middle, and high school education.

If you think the benefits that ParentEdge provides to schools sound too good to be true, contact me personally today and we can discuss just how real the benefits of ParentEdge actually are.  I look forward to speaking with you about the role ParentEdge can play in helping your students succeed at the highest academic level possible.

We are currently also considering branching out to smaller colleges and universities throughout the country as well.  If you represent one of these institutions and are interested in discussing how ParentEdge could work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 


Chris Hren

Contact me today to discuss how ParentEdge can help your students, staff, and community!
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